Alcuni piatti tipici della Lunigiana

Lunigiana is proud of its own special tasty and natural gastronomy and may well boast of the astonishing simplicity of its ingredients. A typical example is "testaroli", flat thin cakes of wheat flour which are briefly boiled and then eaten with olive oil or pesto and sheep's cheese.
A similar dish is "panigacci" (eaten with salami, soft cheese, or with pesto or tomato sauce) and another is "focacette" made of wheat and maize flour, that can be filled with sausage or salami.The list continues with thw delicious "tordelli" pasta filled with leafy vegetables, eggs and parmisan cheese while the mixwd vegetable pie is particularly well known and sougth after.Seasonal delicacies include mushrooms and chestnut flour used to make several local doshes; a kind of porridge called "polenta", fritters and "pattone" (flat cakes).
Besides local cheeses and salami, also the cakes such us the "spongata" and the "amor" are worthy of mention.

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