Touring: one cultural walk through our territory

Slid year 2000, year of the Giubileo, to a great " representing " Racing silk the feature of the Francigena that, through Appenino, connects Parma to Sarzana has been introduced, in Knows it Common Consigliare of of Sarzana present the national leadership of the CAI and many administrators of the territories cross to you, the job carried out from the Italian Alpine Club for the restoration of this connection.
Such job has developed to the inside of the national plan of the group " High Lands " turned to the recovery of the memory of the presence of the man in mountain.
The distance is along approximately 150 kilometers and catches up the maximum height of 1040 mt. to the Step of the Cisa and 1266 mt. to the step of the Cirone, to second which route refers in order to go from Filatiera to Berceto.
The first possibility is to journey from Pontremoli and of lì going back aal Cisa; the second one, passing from Rocca Sigillina, to go up for " the Lombardic Way " to the Step of the Cirone.
The job has been carried a.termine jointly from six structures of the Italian Alpine Club.
The choice of the route has been made using ancient maps, the papers of the I.G.M. and through one recognition on the territory, characterizing manufatti meant to you, which features of acciotolato, old bridges, maestà.
A lot important has demonstrated the recovery of the memory of the residents.
The distance has been then cleaned up and marked with identifying unified for all the way.
E' in program the press of an appropriate publication for who wishes to make this distance, equipped with one complete paper.
The more meaningful stages are listed here of continuation:
Sarzana, Castle of the Frost, Ponzano to the Mount, Four Roads, Vecchietto, Bibola, Aulla, Red Earth, the Chiesaccia, Virgoletta, Villafranca, Thread, Filattiera, Ponticello, Caprio, Roccasigillina, Step of the Cirone;
or for who it wishes to use the other possibility, Pontremoli, Step of the Cisa coming down then however to Berceto, therefore Castellonchio, Cassio, Terenzo, Bardone, Fivizzano, Respiccio, Fornovo, It saws it, Cut, Colecchio, Parma.

Castle of the Piagnaro I give Pontremoli

The Castle of the Piagnaro accommodates from 9 November of 1975, the Museum of the Statues Stele, raised in Lunigiana in a period a lot along that it goes from the late preistoria to the romanizzazione, is monuments of various tipologia, some legacies to a schermatizzazione process or abstraction, other tending ones to a realistic rappresentazione, and expresses one magical-religious conception of the existence.
Replies are found on the rivers of the Mar Caspio, in Rumania, in Switzerland, in Corsica, in France, in the Iberian Peninsula, Sardinia in Puglia......

IT KNOWS IT - In I tread or in it originates them are collections here some " stones recorded " of varied origin: great " cupel " Burello Mount; recorded stone of the zone of Sunsets (SP); stone with joined coppelliformi reasons from the canalini coming from from Appenino over Comano.
It knows is dominated it from the petroglifo of " the mount of the MAdonna ", one large stone in not far origin from the menhir of Sunsets (SP).
in the recordings of the part feminine divinity centers them has been looked at the signs of one and in " the cupules ", to sides others, symbols of the fecundity.

IT KNOWS IT II - To the walls, on schematic geographic papers, are of spread of the statues stele: in Europe, Italy, Lunigiana.....
To the center of it knows it the reconstruction of the statues stele, today smarrite, found again in 1886 during the construction of a river basin of the military arsenal of La Spezia; they are considered most ancient for the elementarità of the design.

IT KNOWS IT III - On a gravel bed, the statues stele
that it depends on the evolution they divide in groups:

A Group :

Stele of Casola

Head incorporated in the log; face to U; eyes to socket or tablet; a line to clavicolare that it distinguishes the head from the body from which the arms leave....

B Group :

Stele of Treschietto

The head is distaccata from the log with the rappresentazione of the neck and often introduces one great lateral expansion (head to " police officer hat "); face still to U......

C Group :

Stele of Bigliolo

The human image is conceived to all round; the statue-stele stretches to become and own Statue true......

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